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Horse eating grain

Feed Palatability: Horses Select Desirable Nutrients

Horses in one study preferred to eat either a protein-rich or carbohydrate-rich diet rather than diets fortified with fat.

KER Research

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mineral digestibility in horses

How Well Are Copper, Zinc, and Manganese Digested by Horses?

Mature Thoroughbreds were used to determine the effects of intake level on the digestibility of copper, zinc, and manganese in sedentary horses.


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Riding during cool weather

Keep Horses Comfortable and Healthy in Hot Weather

Basic management steps can help horses stay as comfortable as possible during the long, hot days of summer.

General Interest

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Equine therapy session. Image karakal/wikimedia commons

Autistic Children Improve Skills through Hippotherapy

Hippotherapy, a type of physical and occupational therapy that includes horseback riding, can be successful in improving balance, social responsiveness, and other skills in autistic children.