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Chia Seeds

Chia for Horses

The evolution of equine nutrition leads to a constant discovery of new feedstuffs for horses, some of which have made the transition from human nutrition. One such new feed that has recently come into the spotlight is chia.

KER Research

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nutrient digestibility

How is Nutrient Digestibility Determined in Horses?

Using 30 different diets, KER calculated digestibilities for numerous diets, yielding valuable information on nutrient requirements and interactions.


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foal head and neck

Recipient Mares Influence Embryo Transfer Foals

Embryo transfer is a technique in which a mare (donor) conceives through natural or artificial insemination and the embryo is flushed from the uterus before it implants. The embryo is then introduced into the uterus of another mare (recipient) where it implants and matures.

General Interest

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feed in scoop